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Cassidy recently completed starring in her critically-acclaimed performances

portraying the lead role of Brooke Wyeth in a Los Angeles area production of the Tony Award Nominated, Pulitzer Prize Finalist, Outer Critics Circle Award Winning drama play 


by Jon Robin Baitz

(creator ABC TV's "Brothers and Sisters")

What the LOS ANGELES TIMES and OC TRIBUNE are saying about Cassidy's performances portraying the lead role of Brooke Wyeth

in the L.A. area production of the Tony Award nominated drama



"Cassidy McMillan, simply brilliant as the determined author whose steely demeanor sets the circuitous plot in motion."    

-Los Angeles Times

"Her inner vulnerability is well camouflaged until the play's most crucial moment."

- Los Angeles Times

"Brooke Wyeth,[Cassidy McMillan], a fragile but determined young woman

a few years out of rehab, is the writer whose philosophical differences

with mom and dad couldn't be more pronounced."

-Los Angeles Times

"'Other Desert Cities' overflows with tension and conflict,

while packing a powerful punch in its climax."

-Los Angeles Times

"(Cassidy) McMillan’s Brooke starts off tentatively, nervous and subdued,

as if still contending with the ghost of her depression, as well as dreading her family’s reaction to her memoir: but as the story progresses, and

we begin to see just how important to her continued existence that this novel is,


the candle flame that is Brooke’s restrained emotion begins to

ignite into a bonfire of determination and self-preservation."

-OC Tribune

"The Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize nominated play revolves around Brooke Wyeth (Cassidy McMillan) and her uncomfortable Christmas Eve visit to her privileged family

in Palm Springs, California in 2004.  

The Wyeths are a showbiz family, in the fullest sense of the word."

-Thom deMartino, OC Tribune

"This is Brooke's first visit back to the West Coast in six years, having stayed back east for treatment for depression after her divorce. But while Brooke has made her living writing magazine articles during that time, she’s now completed her manuscript for a new novel —

a memoir, which includes details about her late brother Henry’s suicide,

and the events leading up to it — which may split the family asunder, irrevocably."

-OC Tribune

"Henry’s suicide is something that the family — save for Brooke — simply will not discuss, leaving a gaping emotional wound that members of the clan simply choose to ignore, rather than contend with the pain that dealing with it will engender."

-OC Tribune

"Brooke is reluctantly willing to let her relationship with her wounded and angry parents wither and die, as she sees the memoir as the only way she can get closure over Henry and go on with her life: but there are yet more secrets, darker still, to come to light at this gathering…"

-Thom deMartino, OC Tribune



With Cassidy's theater stage performances that have been called "passionate", "powerful", "moving" and "profound", Cassidy works to bring authenticity to each character she portrays to inspire and affect audiences. 

As of 2018, with her recently completed role of Brooke Wyeth in OTHER DESERT CITIES,

Cassidy's starred in lead & supporting roles in 17 different productions: plays & musicals

totaling 180 individual stage performances.  

She's grateful for the opportunity to bring each role to life. 

She began acting in middle school and appreciates the acting training she's had working with talented, inspiring, kind acting instructors, professors, directors, casting directors in high school, college, acting studios, on theater stages and film sets.


Brooke Wyeth in a Los Angeles production of the Tony Award Nominated,

Pulitzer Prize Finalist Drama 


Veronica Novak in an L.A. area production of the Tony Award-Winning Drama 


Regan Poole in an L.A. production of the time-travel thriller drama  




Poppy Norton-Taylor, in the hit British comedy "NOISES OFF!"

Prosecutor, in the school shooting drama  "Bang Bang You're Dead"

Michelle, a teen runaway in the drama "Runaway"

Poopsie, in East Coast production of the Broadway musical comedy "The Pajama Game"

Pepper, (Annie - understudy) - in SouthEast production of the Broadway musical  "Annie"

Angela, in the modern family comedy "The Second Time Around"

Bet, in the Broadway musical - "Oliver" 

Ensemble, in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

Ghost of Christmas Present in Disney's production on a Christmas classic - "Scrooge It's Christmas"

Frankie, - in the classic award-winning family drama - "Member Of The Wedding" 


In addition to theater, Cassidy acts in films, TV, documentary films, commercials, voice-overs and has worked for Academy Award-Winning Directors/Producers including James Cameron and worked alongside Golden Globe winning, Emmy nominated actors/actresses including Courteney Cox, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey.

Cassidy was a series regular cast member portraying Police Detective Abby Adams on the cable soap drama "Heartbreak Cafe'" and acted in projects for Discovery Network, NBC, AMC, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox. 

She was cast by the advertising agency for the U.S. Coast Guard in which she portrayed a U.S. Coast Guard Reservist for a series of national commercials for the U.S. Coast Guard recruitment program.  

Cassidy portrayed the lead role of the teen ghost Jennifer in the eerie audio game "JENNIFER'S STORY" for Milton Bradley/Parker Bros. Audio Division and was then cast again by Milton Bradley/Parker Bros. Audio Games to portray the lead role of a mysterious Fortune Teller in the Audio Game "THE FUNHOUSE". Cassidy has acted in additional Voice-Over projects

for companies, documentary films.


In addition to theater, film, TV, Cassidy does voice-overs for audio games, film, documentaries, narration, spokesperson and animation character voices of all kinds.

Cassidy starred as the lead role of the teen ghost "Jennifer" in the eerie Audio Game "JENNIFER'S STORY" for Milton Bradley/Parker Bros. Audio Division and was cast again by Milton Bradley/Parker Bros. Audio Games to portray the lead role of the mysterious Fortune Teller in the Audio Game "THE FUNHOUSE". 

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